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November 11, 2012

ANN Daily Aero-Briefing: 11.12.12

The Sea Rey is Ready to Soar…

The Sport Plane Resource Guide Returns…

American is Allowed to Freeze Pilot Pensions…

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Looking Back: 30th Anniversary Of STS-5

When Space Flight Began To Become 'Routine'

By Wes Oleszewski No matter what they called it, “Space Shuttle 5,” “the fifth flight of Columbia,” or “STS-5” the fact is that it launched thirty years ago today and I was there to see it. My venture to see STS-5 launch began with a series of other people’s misfortunes. While doing my best to work my way back into college by saving the lawns and gardens of Volusia County while toiling at the Daytona Kmart’s garden shop a few days before the launch, I was stopped on the way to my break by one of the other employees.

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AA Pilot Pension Plans To Be Frozen By AMR Corp

IRS Agreed To Regulatory Changes To Allow The Move

Following regulatory changes by the U.S. Treasury and the IRS, American Airlines has been given approval to freeze its pilots' pension plan. The move avoids a termination of the so-called "A-Plan" proposed by AA in February.

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Alaska Air Group Board Of Directors Announces Executive Elections

CEO Brad Tilden Names Four To Vice-President Slots

Alaska Air Group's board of directors and CEO Brad Tilden announced today the elections of four executive officers. Keith Loveless, who serves as vice president, legal and corporate affairs, general counsel and corporate secretary, has been elected an executive vice president of Alaska Air Group, reflecting his broad strategic role in the company.

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Alaska Airlines Adds New Boeing 737-900ER To Its Fleet

Scheduled To Take Delivery Of 37 More Of The Model By 2017

Alaska Airlines introduced its first 737-900ER, Thursday, flying the airplane between Seattle and San Diego. The airline is scheduled to take delivery of 38 of the aircraft through 2017.

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Starlite Aviation Group Is Launch Customer For New AS332 C1e Super Puma

First Deliveries Planned For Late 2013

Eurocopter and Starlite Aviation Group have signed a contract for the acquisition of two AS332 C1e helicopters, the latest version of the popular Eurocopter Super Puma medium weight helicopter. The contract also includes an option for two additional aircraft. First deliveries will take place before the end of 2013, following EASA and FAA certification.

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EASA Approves Jetstream 32 Life Extension Program

Airframe Lifespan Stretched To 67,000 Landings

BAE Systems Regional Aircraft has received European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) approval for its Life Extension Program (LEP) for the 18-19 seat Jetstream 32 regional turboprop aircraft. EASA approval was granted in early October and the LEP manual is now available for those operators who wish to sign up to the program on BAE Systems’ i-Sapphire online facility.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (11.11.12): Comet

Comet A ball of rock and ice, often referred to as a “dirty snowball.” Typically a few kilometers in diameter, comets orbit the Sun in paths that either allow them to pass by the Sun only once or that repeatedly bring them through the solar system (as in the 76-year orbit of Halley's Comet). A comet’s “signature” long, glowing tail is formed when the Sun’s heat warms the coma or nucleus, which releases vapors into space.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (11.11.12)

Aero-Linx: Air Force Association of Canada Mission Statement: The Air Force Association of Canada is a national aerospace and community service organization established to: commemorate the noble achievements of the men and women who have served as members of Canada’s air forces since its inception; advocate for a proficient and well-equipped air force; and, support the Royal Canadian Air Cadet program.

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Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (11.11.12)

"I rode my bicycle to work that afternoon thinking that this program was rapidly going the way of Skylab with the media losing interest and the public doing the same. Only this time it appeared as if that was exactly NASA’s intention. As long as I was living in Daytona, at least I would always get to see the launches live anyhow. The Space Shuttle was a big success and I felt certain that it would fly for the rest of my life. Of course, I was wrong." Source: From Wes Oleszewski's narrative describing his viewing of the launch of STS-5... the fifth launch of the Space Shuttle, thirty years ago.

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AD: Bombardier, Inc. Airplanes

AD NUMBER: 2012-22-07

PRODUCT: Certain Bombardier, Inc.Model DHC-8-400, -401, and -402 airplanes.

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AD: Airbus Airplanes

AD NUMBER: 2012-21-15

PRODUCT: All Airbus Model A300 B4-600, B4-600R, and F4-600R series airplanes, and Model A300 C4-605R Variant F airplanes (collectively called A300-600 series airplanes); and Model A310 series airplanes.

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