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January 27, 2014

FAA: Metroplex Improves Traffic Flow In Complex Airspace

Twenty-One Metropolitan Areas Identified Where Airports Are In Close Proximity

One of NextGen's key goals is to safely improve the efficiency of the National Airspace System by improving efficiencies at metropolitan areas with complex air traffic flows using integrated solutions.

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Pentagon Testing Office Says Japan-Deployed P-8 Poseidons 'Deficient'

Testing Chief Michael Gilmore Says New Airplane 'Not Effective' In Primary Missions

The chief of the Pentagon Testing Office says in a soon-to-be-released report that the P-8A Poseidon sub hunter aircraft deployed to Japan have "major deficiencies" and are "not effective for wide area anti-submarine search."

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Herschel Telescope Detects Water On Dwarf Planet

Water Vapor Definitively Identified On Ceres In The Asteroid Belt

Scientists using the Herschel space observatory have made the first definitive detection of water vapor on the largest and roundest object in the asteroid belt, Ceres. Plumes of water vapor are thought to shoot up periodically from Ceres when portions of its icy surface warm slightly. Ceres is classified as a dwarf planet, a solar system body bigger than an asteroid and smaller than a planet.

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ATK Demonstrates High-Power MegaFlex Solar Array For NASA

System Projected to Provide 10 Times More Power than the Largest Current Satellite Solar Array Technology

Full deployment of a large MegaFlex solar array built by ATK under a NASA contract to further the development of a high-power system to be used for future robotic and manned exploration missions has been demonstrated by the company.

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OpenAirplane Kicks Off The New Year With More Locations, New Safety Standard

Now Available In 34 Cities, The OpenAirplane Universal Pilot Checkout Now Enables Mountain Flying And Multi-Engine Aircraft Rental For Pilots

OpenAirplane continues to expand its service which makes renting an airplane as easy as renting a car. Since launching in June, the OpenAirplane network has grown to enable 34 cities, with over 100 aircraft available around the U.S.

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Boeing, UAE Partners Look To Harvest Biofuel From Desert Plants

Pilot Project Will Test Desert Plants Grown With Seawater, Relevant To Many Dry Regions

Boeing and research partners in the United Arab Emirates have made breakthroughs in sustainable aviation biofuel development, finding that desert plants fed by seawater will produce biofuel more efficiently than other well-known feedstocks.

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Lightspeed Aviation Foundation Names Craig Fuller To Board of Directors

Former AOPA President Previously Held Numerous Positions In The Federal Government

The Lightspeed Aviation Foundation announced Wednesday that Craig Fuller, former AOPA president and CEO, has joined its board of directors.

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Dassault: Rafale Demonstrates Improved Versatility

Aircraft Flown In 'Heavily-Armed' Configuration

The Rafale has successfully completed its first test flights in a new heavily-armed configuration, comprising six air-to-ground precision AASM Hammer missiles, four medium and long range air-to-air missiles from the MICA family, two very long range METEOR missiles, as well as three 2,000 liter (528 gallon) fuel tanks.

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Destination: International Space Station. First Stop: Antarctica

The Canadian Space Agency Uses An Antarctic Mission To Field Test A ‘Smart Shirt For Space’

XPAntarctik, a crew of six experienced explorers, left Canada Thursday on the first leg of an unprecedented 45-day expedition to Antarctica. During their expedition, the team will be testing Astroskin, a prototype "smart shirt" for space for the Canadian Space Agency (CSA).

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NASA Finds 2013 Sustained Long-Term Climate Warming Trend

Goddard Institute For Space Studies Released Report Tuesday

NASA scientists say 2013 tied with 2009 and 2006 for the seventh warmest year since 1880, continuing a long-term trend of rising global temperatures. With the exception of 1998, the 10 warmest years in the 134-year record all have occurred since 2000, with 2010 and 2005 ranking as the warmest years on record, according to an updated report.

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Avcorp Receives Boeing Performance Excellence Award

Third Consecutive Year For The Recognition

Avcorp Industries has received a 2013 Silver Boeing Performance Excellence Award. The Boeing Company issues the award annually to recognize suppliers who have achieved superior performance. Avcorp maintained a Silver composite performance rating for each month of the 12-month performance period, from Oct. 1, 2012, to Sept. 30, 2013.

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Time To Get Specific: ANN Ponders 2014's Best SportPlanes -- We Need YOUR Input!

Thirteen Great Aircraft, Backed By Thirteen Great Companies, Will Be Selected -- WITH YOUR HELP!

Compiled and Edited by ANN CEO/Editor-In-Chief, Jim Campbell. Assisted By Earl Downs, John Ylinen, Dave Juwel, and Tom Patton. Now that we've seen all that was new and novel at this year's 2014 US Sport Aviation Expo, in Sebring FL, it's time to get off the dime and fill you in on this year's list of what we consider to be the best "Flyer's Dozen" (thirteen, in all) Sport Aircraft available for an embattled flying community that needs value now more than ever before. BUT... not before we get YOUR input.

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Airborne 01.24.14: Henry O Goes West, Bombardier Layoffs, Oshkosh STOL!

Also: Pocket Drone, Tuskegee's James Bowman, 40 TBM in '13, Roadable Aircraft

As we were preparing this webcast of Airborne, ANN’s Jim Campbell got some very much unwanted news... one of the grand gentlemen of aviation, NASAO CEO and president Henry Ogrodzinski, passed away after a hard-fought battle with cancer. Is cash flow a concern at Bombardier? The company just announced that it will lay off about 1,700 workers in its aerospace division shortly after saying the entry into service of the CSeries aircraft will be delayed until sometime in 2015. Specially modified aircraft originally created for Alaskan bush-pilot necessity, turned into one of

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Sebring USSAE 2014: Slow But Steady, the LSA Industry Shows Signs of Improvement

The Airplanes Improve Dramatically, but The Industry Still Has A Lot Of Soul-Searching To Do

Analysis/Opinion by ANN Editor-In-Chief Jim Campbell While perusing the flyways and byways of this year’s Sebring Sport Aviation Expo, I cannot help but be impressed that the “Best Of The Breed” among the LSA community continues to not only show improvement but (in some cases), quite remarkable improvement. ANN attended this year's event with a great deal of hope and optimism, based on several weeks of conversations with a number of the companies that were bringing products to display this year, and based on a lot of information that we've been compiling over the last many months as we continue to research and create the next generation of the Sp

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Virgin Galactic Announces Successful Test Firings Of New Liquid Rocket Engines

'LauncherOne' Being Designed And Built In House For Company's Small Satellite Launch Service

Virgin Galactic says it has reached a significant milestone in the testing of a new family of liquid rocket engines for LauncherOne, the company’s small satellite launch vehicle. As part of a rapid development program, Virgin Galactic has now hot-fired both a 3,500 lbf thrust rocket engine and a 47,500 lbf thrust rocket engine, called the “NewtonOne” and “NewtonTwo” respectively.

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Boeing B-29 Superfortress Doc Restoration Nearing Completion

Volunteers Have Completed Almost 100% Of The Structural Repairs -- Flight Test Upcoming

Its been a long time coming... but volunteers report that they have made significant progress restoring the Boeing B-29 Superfortress named Doc since work resumed on the project in 2013. Newly restored engines are being installed on the aircraft in preparation of the next major milestone known as "power on." Volunteers are targeting a first flight for later this year.

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Klyde Morris 01.27.14

Sometimes It Really Is All About The Perks


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Boeing, General Dynamics Settle A-12 Dispute

Companies Will Repay The U.S. Navy $200 Million From Canceled Program

The U.S. Navy will receive some $200 million in aircraft in services from Boeing and General Dynamics to repay that branch of the military for a program that was cancelled in 1991.

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Col. Paul Tibbets Grandson Nominated For First Star

Recommended For Promotion To General Officer

Air Force Col. Paul W. Tibbets IV has been nominated for appointment to the rank of brigadier general. Tibbets is currently serving as deputy director, operations, Headquarters Air Force Global Strike Command, Barksdale Air Force Base, LA, according to a Defense Department release.

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Horizon Air Fleet Tops 50 Q400 Aircraft

Airline To Begin Operations In The State Of Alaska On March 3

Bombardier Aerospace has delivered Horizon Air's 51st Q400 turboprop airliner in Portland, Oregon. The aircraft, which is a NextGen model, is the last of three ordered by Horizon Air in June last year, solidifying the airline’s position as the world’s largest operator of Q400 aircraft.

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Father And Son Share A-10 Legacy

Son Of An A-10 Pilot Now Commands 74th Fighter Squadron At Moody AFB

Already anxious about the first day of high school football practice, a young junior donned his gear and was calmed as he looked to the sidelines to see his father there watching. For the junior, a life of uncertainty and unfamiliarity was something he was used to. The next day his father, an A-10C Thunderbolt II pilot, would lead a squadron of 48 A-10's on a deployment.

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Mesa Air Group Strengthens Operations Team To Prepare For New Fleet

Mike Ferverda Will Lead Introduction Of Embraer 175 Aircraft

Mesa Airlines has announced certain management changes as it positions itself to add 30 new Embraer 175 aircraft over the next year into United Express service.

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Young Eagle Pilots Receive Lightspeed Headsets

EAA Holds Quarterly Drawings For Pilots Conducting Young Eagles Flights

Young Eagles pilots Mike Weimer, EAA 1046933, of Downers Grove, Illinois, and Jim Martyn, EAA 406468, of Blackstock, Ontario, Canada, are the lucky winners of Zulu headsets courtesy of Lightspeed Aviation. Weimer and Martyn where automatically entered in the drawing by submitting the Young Eagles registration forms for their flights.

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The Spanish Guild Of Commercial Pilots Kick Off A Job Portal

Website Dedicated For Airlines´ Recruitment Will Facilitate The Employment Of Spanish Pilots By Expanding Airlines

The Spanish Guild of Commercial Pilots (COPAC) has set up a website it says will be a global job portal dedicated to pilot recruitment, with the aim to facilitate the employment of Spanish pilots by overseas airlines on growth through an innovative search tool.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (01.27.14): Foehn

Foehn A warm dry wind on the lee side of a mountain range, whose temperature is increased as the wind descends down the slope. It is created when air flows downhill from a high elevation, raising the temperature by adiabatic compression. Classified as a katabatic wind.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (01.27.14)

Aero Linx: The International Black Aerospace Council (IBAC) The International Black Aerospace Council (IBAC) was founded in 1996. Our purpose is to work in unison to chart the future of black aviation. To achieve this, our organization serves as a funnel that feeds a pipeline with many branches representing the career options in aviation/aerospace. Our goal is to encompass the entire domestic and international aviation/aerospace arena to increase minority and female numbers across the board, not just focus on pilots. IBAC is uniquely positioned to accomplish this. Our member organizations span aviation from entry level small airplane operations to US military and international commercial airlines including all aspects of t

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Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (01.27.14)

"Let me summarize the state of this industry, what's good is very good (and getting better)… and what's not so good is better than it used to be. Still; way too many of the manufacturers and dealers, themselves, continue to show a stunning lack of salesmanship, marketing, and professionalism. One REALLY wonders what activity might result if the industry learned some lessons about the art and craft of sales and marketing… I suspect that the results would be impressive." Source: ANN E-I-C, Jim Campbell, summarizing his impressions of the recently concluded USSAE 2014 SportPlane event, in Sebring, FL.

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