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January 06, 2012

ANN Daily Aero-Briefing: 01.06.12

The Reno Air Races will go on in 2012.
Operation Migration remains grounded by a protracted FAA investigation.
And Boeing is closing up shop in Wichita.

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Guest Editorial: 2 Nations Can Put Humans Into Space--The USA Is NOT One Of Them

A Lot Of Eggs Are In The SpaceX Basket

At this moment, there are two nations on earth capable of putting humans into space - and we, here in the United States, ain’t one of them. Although that simple statement may sound shocking, its truth alone should shake us all to the core. And if it’s a bit hard to choke down- get used to it. The nation that once had astronauts driving on the moon and later developed a fleet of space planes that could be flown over and over, today cannot place a human into earth orbit and that is not likely to change anytime soon.

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NTSB Finds Fuel Mismanagement Caused Gear Up Landing

Accident In NC In 2009 Caused Substantial Damage To The Airplane, No Injuries

Fuel management is one of the principal tenets of learning to fly. And whether it's a J-3 Cub or, as in this case a Cessna 550, it just won't go if there's nothing in the tanks to burn. In this incident, the NTSB found that the pilot did not do his due diligence to be sure there was enough fuel to get to his destination with adequate reserves. Outside of that, crew qualifications appeared to be somewhat questionable, to boot.

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Top Air Show Performers Make Early Confirmations For EAA AirVenture 2012

Night Air Show, Fireworks Return To Cap Off Final Evening At 60th Annual Fly-In

It's January. In many places of the world, it's darn cold. So what better way to chase away the winter blues than to start thinking about Oshkosh ... Wisconsin in July. The show is on the minds of many of the world’s top air show performers, who have already given early confirmations to participate at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2012.

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New Law Eases Airport Screening For Troops, Families

TSA 'In The Process' Of Reviewing Options For New Procedures

President Barack Obama signed a bill into law Jan. 3 to streamline airport screening procedures for service members and their families traveling on official orders. The Risk-based Security Screening for Members of the Armed Forces Act gives the Transportation Security Administration six months to develop and implement a plan to expedite screening services for service members on orders and in uniform and, "to the extent possible, any accompanying family member."

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SPEEA Ready To Help Members In Wake Of Boeing Wichita Plant Closing

Work To Be Dispersed To Washington State, Oklahoma, And San Antonio

The union representing engineers at The Boeing Company is calling on the company to meet all commitments to employees here who worked diligently to help secure the $35 billion U.S. Air Force KC-767 tanker program only to learn this morning their plant is being shuttered and their work is going elsewhere.

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Chinese Airlines Recruit Pilots In US

Job Fairs Indicative Of Growing Pilot Shortage

Next month, ten major Chinese airlines will take the bold step of recruiting for pilot candidates in the US. A job fair, hosted by Pan Am International Flight Academy and World Aviation Systems, Inc. (WASINC), China's largest airline pilot leasing company, is scheduled for Pan Am's headquarters at the Miami International Airport February 23 and 24. Another will follow February 26 in the Las Vegas market at Pan Am's Henderson location.

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Light Sport Engine From Viking To Debut At Sebring

New Engine Shares Parts With Honda Racing Powerplants

Viking Aircraft Engines is releasing its new gold edition engine, which will be on display at the 2012 Sebring Aviation Expo held January 18 to 22 in Sebring, Florida. The Viking engine is the brainchild of builder Jan Eggenfellner and shares its moving parts with the Honda Fit automobile, the Honda outboard marine engine and a Honda race engine, according to the company.

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Pilot Blames Former Gyroplane Owner For Accident

Says Mods To Xenon RST Gyroplane Caused Vapor Lock

A man from Albuquerque, New Mexico who crashed a two-seat gyroplane in August has filed a claim in the bankruptcy case of a former owner of the aircraft, claiming a modification made to the aircraft caused his accident. But according to a report in the Denver Post, court records show he's seeking not only the full purchase price of the wrecked aircraft, but the costs he paid for meals, lodging and fuel he bought learning how to fly it in Las Vegas earlier last year.

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VLJ Air-Taxi Operator Receives FAA Approval For iPad In The Cockpit

First iPad Approval In Eastern Region

Jet-taxi service Linear Air, has received approval from the FAA to utilize advanced charting and operations technology afforded by the integration of Apple iPads into the company’s flight operations. Linear Air is the first commercial air carrier in the FAA’s Eastern Region to receive such approval.

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Static F-86 Display Dedicated To Korean War Ace

Lt. Gen. Winton W. "Bones" Marshall Honored With The Exhibit

Pacific Air Forces and 15th Wing leaders dedicated a newly repainted static F-86E Sabre fighter aircraft to a former PACAF vice commander during a ceremony at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam on December 29. Gen. Gary North rededicated the aircraft here to retired Lt. Gen. Winton W. "Bones" Marshall, who was also a combat commander and Korean War ace.

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Roll Steering Certified For SN3500, SN4500 Nav Displays

New Function For Sandel Primary Nav Displays Improves GPS/FMS Tracking

The FAA has granted TSO certification to Sandel Avionics for a roll steering software upgrade in its 3-ATI SN3500 and 4-ATI SN4500 Primary Navigation Displays. The pilot-selectable feature works with an aircraft’s autopilot or flight director and compatible GPS or FMS unit to automatically make smooth, hands-off turns while flying a sequence of GPS waypoints.

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iPhone Directs Lost Hiker Rescue

GPS Couldn't Resolve Location, But Flashlight Worked

Glowing mobile phones can be really annoying in darkened movie theaters. But a 43-year-old Maryland man reportedly used the the flashlight on his iPhone to guide a helicopter pilot to his location after becoming lost in a dark, mountainside park.

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Airborne 01.06.12: Reno Races Are ON, Embraer's LAS Win?? & ANN's Best of 2011

Also: Lufthan$a, LightSquared, Boeing/Wichita, Barnstorming!, K-Max, Helo Rescue, CubCrafters, AMR, and SO MUCH MORE!!!
Happy New Year from the crews at Aero-News, Aero-TV and Airborne! This is our FIRST Airborne for 2012... and in short order, we're going to start raising the bar... again and again. Very shortly; we're going to start taking the wraps off an amazing assortment of NEW and exciting features for Airborne viewers all over the planet (and, apparently, even one or two off world). And let us express once again that we couldn't have done it without you and we appreciate your amazing support and encouragement.

Wing Cracks Found On Some A380 Wing Rib Feet

Engineers' Union Says All Aircraft Should Be Checked Quickly, Airbus And Airlines Downplay Safety Risks

The Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association (ALAEA) has called for the inspection of all A380s flying for Qantas and other carriers after small cracks were found in the wing-rib attachments in some airplanes.

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Airborne 01.06.12: Reno Races Are ON, Embraer's LAS Win?? & ANN's Best of 2011

Also: Lufthan$a, LightSquared, Boeing/Wichita, Barnstorming!, K-Max, Helo Rescue, CubCrafters, AMR, and SO MUCH MORE!!!

Airborne 01.06.12 is chock full of info about the week ending Friday, January 6th, 2012 -- our FIRST Airborne of 2012... Presented by Aero-TV veteran videographer and Airborne Host Ashley Hale, and supported by ANN CEO/Editor-In-Chief Jim Campbell, Chief Videographer Nathan Cremisino, and Aero-Journalists Tom Patton and Paul Plack, this episode covers: Reno Plans Full Air Races For 2012 Lufthansa Wants PAX To Pay For ETS Embraer Thought It Won LAS... Now, Maybe Not

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Georgia Man Indicted For Faking FAA Certificates

Allegedly Charged Dubai Air Wing $630K

Prosecutors say 57-year-old Andrew Kent Anderson was asked by the government of Dubai for his help in negotiating red tape to secure FAA approval of modifications to a Boeing 747 and two Avro jets. They say Anderson did, indeed, deliver certificates for the mods, and was paid $630,000 for his work. But, they say, the certificates were forgeries.

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Pentagon To Restructure F-35 Production Schedule

More Than 120 Airplanes To Be Pushed Into The Future

In an effort to save some $15 billion over five years, the Pentagon on Wednesday said it was considering a production delay for about 120 F-35 Joint Strike Fighters in the third schedule re-vamp in as many years

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Pilot Error Cited In 2011 Strikemaster Accident

Lost Control During A Low-Altitude Maneuver Which Resulted In The Crash

In its probable cause report from an accident in which a BAC Strikemaster went down last February in the Hudson River, the NTSB found that the pilot simply did not maintain control of the airplane, in part due to his unfamiliarity with its operation. The takeaway here may be that a type rating for an aircraft is not necessarily a license to push beyond your personal limits.

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Boeing: 2012 Will Be 'Year Of The 737 MAX'

2011 Concluded With Record-Breaking Order Announcements

Boeing says it wrapped up 2011 with 805 net commercial airplane orders, fueled by a late flurry of record-breaking deals. The company also delivered 477 airplanes, ending the year with a strong backlog of 3,771 unfilled commercial orders.

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Klyde Morris 01.06.2012

Klyde Learns What Makes A Line Boy Happy


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AEA To Host FAA And Industry Avionics Rotorcraft Forum

Focus To Be Certification Challenges And Opportunities In The Sector

General aviation industry leaders and regulatory executives will converge at the Aircraft Electronics Association International Headquarters, Jan. 31-Feb. 2, for a two-and-a-half day rotorcraft forum to discuss the challenges and opportunities in the certification and installation of new avionics technologies in the rotorcraft market.

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Police UAV Era May Start This Month

One California Manufacturer Anticipates Sales

The FAA is expected this month to revise rules limiting the civilian use of unmanned aircraft, especially below 400' AGL. The potential changes have law enforcement agencies chomping at the bit to put small UAVs to work for surveillance, accident scene documentation and SWAT support, and manufacturers who've had useful technology sitting on the shelf for years finally anticipating civilian sales.

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Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (01.06.12)

"Previous AEA/FAA forums on ADS-B and airborne WiFi have proven extremely successful in opening communications and understanding the challenges from both industry and the FAA's perspective. We are confident that this forum will do the same." Source: AEA President Paula Derks.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (01.06.12): Condensation Nuclei

Small particles of solid matter in the air on which water vapor condenses.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (01.06.12)

You've seen celebrity birthdays listed in the newspaper and other news that happened on a particular day; well this is This Day in Space History.

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